Our Story

We are Encrustd, a leading brand of womenswear incorporating heritage embellishment techniques and singularly elegant and elevated product. We believe that each day is special. There's more to life than a destination, it's the simple joys of the journey. It’s the finer details and finding harmony in contrasts. Sophistication, passion, and confidence is what we stand for. Be dressed to shine— every day is a celebration. Our beautifully designed product uses the best fabrics, features fine craftsmanship, and is great value for money, while our styling is contemporary and always on trend. The luxurious ethos is brought to life by heritage hand-techniques executed by skilled artisans. Our made-on-order product is proudly designed right here in India by the same people who’ve been designing for the world’s best brands for two decades.

        Here at Encrustd we believe in authenticity, confidence and craftsmanship. We are manufacturers in a rising India, proud of our roots. The most fabled stories in fashion are scripted right here, in India, where artisanal magic lives locally, and conjures dreams globally. We represent the confident, empowered woman of the world who has already broken barriers, found balance, and is proud of what she has achieved. Lastly, we showcase and support the precious art of handwork and the stories of artisans, thereby drawing our strength of character from the advancement of their art and their lives.